Keegan's Birthday... Again

It seems like this just keeps coming up every year. Wish the guy would take a break. So I don't have a picture of him to post like I try to do for everybody, but I do have this from last year. I just linked it from the original post since I'm lazy. I don't think he did much for his birthday this year. The old man went out to lunch with some friends and then did something tonight... but he won't tell me what that was.
And since I've been so busy with classes and all that good crap I completely missed the one year anniversary of this blog. June 15, 2004 was the first post. What was I doing on the 15th this year...? Had I remembered I might have written up something, or had a beer to celebrate the fact that I've actually kept up with this thing. Maybe I'll get to it this Friday once most of my classes are finished. Summer 1 down, Summer 2 to go. I'm a bit pissed off with myself because I think I'm going to end up with all B's. Maybe one A. I guess the work was too much for me to pull of another miracle semester like I've been having here at UHD, but then again maybe it was putting things off until the last minute. Speaking of which, I need to put together a 20 minute presentation on hackers and computer viruses now.

I just performed a spell check using Blogger's little tool and I find it odd that the word "blog" isn't a recognized word. Anyone else? And "Keegan's" comes back as "Cezannes".


bennok said...

happy birthday Cezannes!!!

Carrie said...

keegan has had such an influence, who knew what his still lifes of fruit would do to the art world?