The First Post: What else would I call it?

So I was looking at some websites, clicking on links that were there, and I clicked this blogger link. After looking around at it I decided to use this to my advantage and make my own damn webpage. And here it is!
I didn't want to go too flashy, because it's not me and I don't know how. Posts won't be much more than a thought I may have had that day or news about me. Hence the name of the page: Krap.
For today there isn't much. I'm wasting time because I'm supposed to be writing a short essay for my English class this summer and cleaning my room so a realtor can start showing my house to potential parties. What no one knows yet though is that I'm part of the deal: You buy the house, you get a tenant that lives in your basement, pays no rent, and eats your food.

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Danny said...

Hell yeah!