Catch Up

I've been doing quite a shitty job of keeping up with posts so I'm just going to use this one to try and sum up everything that I've meant to post, but just never got around to.

First up, two friends added another year to their calendar this weekend. Abbey and Louis, happy birthday to both of you. Hope you had a good time celebrating and sorry I didn't make it, my car had a flat tire.

I probably should have posted something about my holiday trip to St. Louis, but it would have been really long and I probably would have left a few things out. So let me sum it up like this: I had a great time. I enjoyed every minute I spent with my family and friends and I'll be looking forward to the next time I can see each one of them again. I ate well, drank more than I had since... The last time I was there. Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll make the trek to Houston to visit so I don't have to spend mind-numbing lengths of time in airport terminals or in the confined spaces of a car. We will see.

Classes start on Tuesday and I'm going to have a hell of hard time getting back on that schedule. I haven't gotten up before noon in a month. I went to sleep last night at 7am and if I'm going to make it to class on time I have to leave the house at 10:30am at the latest. I'm going to try and make it through this semester without skipping classes since I'm on a timeline here and I plan to stick to it. Of course I could always drift back in to the groove I had back in the day when I'd skip all of my classes and then show up on test day trying to bullshit my way through the exam. It worked some of the time, but that was Meramec and the experience was comparable to a more adult version of high school. Not "adult" in the sense that everyone was more mature and there was more responsibility, just that everyone smoked and profanity was allowed in the classroom.

I think since I've gotten a dog I've become more of a sensitive pussy than ever. Just the other day I was wasting time on the computer when I came across this picture and thought, "Aww... wook at the cute, wittle puppy." Then I thought to myself, "Did I just fucking think the words 'wook' and 'wittle'!?!" I'm just a few hormones away from watching Steel Magnolias and using up a whole box of Kleenex. And why the fuck would I watch Steel Magnolias? Because I'm becoming an even bigger wuss than before. That's why.

Last of all, I'm going to try and do what I intended to do with this blog. A few years ago I would send out emails to friends with something funny, I thought it was funny, I wrote or thought of. I stopped doing that for some reason. I think it was the complaints from the people that didn't check their email that often or didn't like all the responses. What ever the reason was it stopped. Now I think I can get away with doing it again, but post it on this site. The thoughts don't flow like they used to, perhaps it was all the drugs that made me think like that, but when I come up with something I'll post it after getting it the way I think it will work best. So, in honor of starting this back up here's the first one for the blog:

Today's Thoughts
IF I had a girlfriend, and IF said girlfriend had a tattoo professing her love of me for all to see, but she wanted to save money so she just used my initials it would say "I (heart)* BM". Unfortunately for her, not everyone who saw the tattoo would realize that BM stood for me and they may think that she's into some kinky fetish shit (no pun intended).
It would be worse for anyone with the initials BS, because then everyone would think that the girlfriend enjoys being lied to. Sorry Ben(n).

*(heart) meaning the picture of a heart. I could have wrote it as <3, but that might have been mistaken for "I is less than 3BM."


bennok said...

What if your initials were B.O.?

Kosmo said...

then i guess she's into smelly guys.

bennok said...

Good BO or bad BO?

Kosmo said...

besides BO being your initials, is there any other "good BO"?
either that tattoo would be interpreted as she likes dating guys with BO, or she doesn't like to shower. not a very good choice for a tattoo. and that's the moral of the story.

bennok said...

I have good BO. My sweat smells good.