Fun With Photoshop

So this evening I decided to mess around with a picture taken over the holidays while I was in St. Louis. I looked at the pic and instantly thought of the Hulk. I'm sure my cousin would get a kick out of seeing it since he's into superheroes and he's into smashing shit.
Now I've never really used Photoshop before so I couldn't do all that I wanted to do to the photo. The background kind of blends in with the green of this little guy's face, but I thought I was able to add the green tones rather nicely to the skin. That's really it. I spent an hour on this and then went on to watch mind-numbing entertainment.

KYLE SMASH! Posted by Hello


Danny said...

Fuck yeah! Kyle rocks! Not a bad job for a first photshop.

bennok said...

I like the Hulk I did about a year ago: