Can Swedes Be Offended?

I was fooling around a minute ago, just looking at some footage of the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show and had a thought. Is this offensive to Swedish people? I just happen to know a young Swedish woman and she doesn't seem like the type of person who would be up in arms over it. (I mean shit, it happened so long ago, does it really even matter now?) The guy talked weird, only knowing a handfull of English words, he seemed like he had no idea how to cook even though he was a chef, and he had no eyes. In our uber-politically correct society how could something like this be looked back upon with nostalgia and bring laughter to anyone without first thinking of the Swedes?
I have no problem laughing because being politcally correct is too much of a hassle and I don't give a damn about it anymore. I won't make fun of someone's race, ethnicity, or religion to their face because of the fear of the possible bodily harm I could endure, but that won't stop me from laughing about them behind their backs. And don't think I'm an asshole for doing this, we all do it. Just grow some balls and admit.

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Danny said...

C'mon!!! That's funny! Swedes have thick skin. They don't care.