The Curse of Nice

A week ago I thought of writing this long rant about how being a "nice guy" blows more than having non-refundable tickets to the Philippines that you purchased last November for your honeymoon. Then I just happened to see this today and thought I'd just post a little note with a link and see if anybody had any thoughts on it.
I for one am getting pretty tired of experiencing many of the situations listed in the ode I linked to and having only older women (older as in "could be my mother" and up) being interested. I tried the asshole thing and I would let slip something nice and the cover would be blown.
Anyway, here's to hoping that the ode is right.


Danny said...

It sounds like whoever wrote that (if you read the last line) is on a worldwide furgle tour. I hope it's written by a woman, for our sake, Kosmo.

The one thing the Ode left out is that just around the time the woman grows out of her "can't date the nice guy" theories, the nice guy loses all interest in the day tripper.

It's like the line from Swingers. They won't call back until after you get over them. Somehow they know. Except this is the inverse of that situation.

bennok said...

"And I wish I could logically explain this trend, but I can’t." I can. And I will sometime if you want to talk about it.

Also, this guy, and guys who think like that are are all boohoo about it, are kind of pathetic. Truth be told, I've done nearly all the things described in this Ode, and I haven't had a girlfriend in several years. But, if you subject yourself to situations like that, and you are doing things that you do not get gratification out of, you're wasting you time. I have been simply a "friend" to many, many extraordinary woman in my lifetime, and I've been rewarded enough through those friendships without needing to sleep with them or really wanting or needing more from them. And there are things that these relationships that have done to me that have changed the way I view myself and the world, but those would probably be explained in my first comment.