Registered Student Walking

Tonight I finally completed my registration for next semester after saying, "I'm going to do it tomorrow," for weeks. I had to get clearance from an advisor to do it for some reason, and it didn't have anything to do with poor grades or something like that they just make all students jump through that stupid hoop. It was like getting interviewed on whether or not I was sure I wanted to keep going to school there. I had gone through the same steps trying to register for the fall but I just thought it was for new students so I didn't give it a second thought. Even then when I was talking about my plans for the future the advisor was asking me if I was sure I wanted to do what I was saying. It was like talking to a person who spoke an entirely different language and I was using a translation book with common phrases in it and the person kept looking at me like I was asking them to shine my shoes with their mothers armpits and then asking me, "Are you sure?" I was unaware that stepping into an advisors office meant you were going to have to be fluent in a different unknown language that only advisors speak.
Anyway I'm signed up for 18 hours. Before you say to yourself, "Are you fucking nuts?!?! Better men than you have gone insane taking on such a load." Hear me out. First of all there are no men better than me. (Well maybe a few but I won't give them the dignity of knowing who they are.) And second I might just drop one class and take 15 hours instead.
I figured that if I took 18 hours of classes until I finished all of the degree requirements then it would take me roughly 3 more semesters to finish without the need of taking classes over the summer. Or I could take 15 hours and 6 or 9 over the summers and be done in the same time. On the one hand I'll have summers free and have time to make some cash working full time, but drive myself insane with enormous work loads for 3 to 4 months with a small one month break in between. On the other I could not kill myself in the spring and fall and just take a few classes over the summer, but then I can't work full time and vacations will be hard to come by.
So those are the options that I see, and they seem plausible with the exception of the possibility of me having to drop out a semester for health reasons or something like that. I'm leaning towards the 18 hours and maybe if I squeeze in a few over the summer the last semester won't be so bad, not taking into account it being the last semester and all that senior level class work should be a bit more of a challenge than the rest.
Oh yeah, here's the schedule for the spring:
Mondays and Wednesdays - Principals of Economics II, Financial Accounting, and Business and Technical Report Writing
Tuesdays and Thursdays - Principals of Economics I, Intro to Business, and Fundamentals of Calculus with Applications
The class in question is Econ II. The advisor warned me that taking both Econ classes at once was not so smart, but then she noticed that I took both Government classes required this past semester and was surprised I did it. So maybe it won't be so bad. We'll have to see. And if it's bad you most definitely will hear me bitch and complain about it all.


Kosmo said...

Didn't even link anything in this one.
Might be a first considering the wordiness.

bennok said...

Webster makes me do the same advisor thing, but I don't mind it 'cause my advisor is good and knows what I'm doing in life.

18 hours is pretty crazy, especially with those classes. I know I wouldn't do it (but i also probably wouldn't take any of those classes, so.........).