I'm a Slacker, What Can I Say?

It's been a while since my last post and I've got good reasons why. Instead of going into all of those I'll just try and explain everything here.
So just a few days after the last post my grandparents came into town from Massachusetts to help us celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm glad they did because we didn't get a chance to visit them this summer with the move and all that other business we had to deal with, and I'm not sure it would have felt like much of a holiday with just my immediate family watching football and cooking all day. So instead of making posts I was entertaining guests and watching the dog late at night to make sure she didn't make a mess in the house while everyone else was asleep.
Oh yeah, the dog's name is Sadie. I don't know why it's Sadie. Personally I don't like the name but everyone else seems to so I lose.
Now we go onto the major family drama over the holiday: Flashback to November 26th. Wednesday night Sadie started to vomit up her food, she had diarrhea, and she wasn't as peppy as a puppy should be. So I stayed up pretty late that night to make sure she didn't puke all over her bed and got enough water to drink. Thursday she seemed pretty run down but not throwing up much, actually she might not have thrown up at all that day I can't remember for sure. But she wasn't eating anything. Since it was now Thursday, aka Thanksgiving, there was no where to take her to get her checked out with the exception of an emergency medical center for animals downtown. I drive downtown nearly everyday and it's not something you'd want to do with a dog that's been crappin' like crazy.
So Friday rolls around and my mom takes Sadie in first thing in the morning. Having stayed up late again I wasn't up until noon when my brother woke me up and told me what was wrong with our new dog. She had somehow gotten this disease called parvo (please read). It's a very nasty virus, somewhat similar to my situation but it's a virus and can be treated and cured. My mom and I took it pretty hard (I can't speak for the rest of the household because I don't know what they were thinking but they didn't seem as upset as the two of us.) because we had been spending the most time with Sadie, my mom treating her as a new child and I was staying up late and playing with her at night. She had to stay at the vet to be treated and quarantined in the back away from every other dog in the facility. We visited her everyday and it was very hard to see her locked up in a small cage with nothing to do all day and an IV coming out of one of her legs to supply her with fluids and antibiotics. I was very unsure if she would survive and because of how easily the virus could be transmitted, if she were to die we couldn't get another dog for a year without running the risk of infecting it. Thankfully we were able to take her home that Sunday and since then she has made a full recovery.
Other than that my time has been occupied with trying to study for finals this week and figuring out what I'm going to do next semester. I know I said before that I was going to major in art, but I said that before looking at the degree programs that are available at UHD. I'm thinking of marketing now. It's seems like a good idea for me and I looked at a recent survey and it's one of the top five paying jobs after graduation. I might have to spend an extra semester or two getting some business classes under my belt, or just load up during the fall and spring and cram in a few over the summer. I'll figure it out.
So since the last post I've been spending a lot of time on school and watching/playing with Sadie. Oh yeah, when my grandparents came to town they gave my brother and I an iPod mini to share. It's a great little gadget and lucky for me my brother doesn't have much use for it at the moment so I can take it to school and listen as I walk to classes or wait in the halls for them to start. If I ever get a job I think I might buy one of the regular ones with the larger hard drive space. At the moment though I'm satisfied with what I've got.
That's it for now. I'll try and update more regularly from now on since classes are just about over. Hopefully I'll have something to write about. Until then here's a pic of Sadie exploring the backyard.

That plant is gone now.
Don't know what it was, but she loved killin' it. Posted by Hello


bennok said...

Sadie kind of looks like "sad-E," not "sade-E," which might be spelled sadey, i guess. I don't know why i brought that up. But it was a pretty sad story about her getting sick and I thought "poor sad-E." I'm glad she recovered and killed a plant. That sounds great.

I don't have a new dog but I have new pants.

Anonymous said...

brendan, i love the dog! I once had a puppy when I lived in Kirksville that had parvo...me and my roommate anna did the same thing, staying up all night with him (his name was Huxley(sp?), after the author of Brave New World. He was a black lab and one of the best dogs i ever had EVER..and I've had a whole lot of dogs in my life)while he was sick all over. Anyway, one morning we woke up and poor Huxley was on the couch shaking and foaming and pooing all over..so we rushed him to the vet but the vet said he had to be put down. So sad to see a puppy so sick like that.

Anyway, on a brighter note, i'm so happy to hear your puppy is better!! I thought that was not able to be treated.

How are you? Do you like...Houston? Is that where you are? Glad to hear you're in school and whatnot. Remember when we had class at Meramec, although not together? those were good times.

Hope all is well, give Sadie a kiss on the nose for me (Keegan too).