Aww Look at the Puppy

The folks went out looking for new furniture and came back with a dog. I don't quite get it either, but it's here and it looks like we're keeping it. We haven't come up with a name yet, I'm pushing for Batman (or the more appropriate Batgirl, since she's a female). The girls have been pushing for Scout, because they just happened to watch "To Kill a Mockingbird" last night.
If anybody has a good name for her post it in a comment and you'll be given the satisfaction in knowing that you prevented this dog from having a really bad name. Posted by Hello

If anyone knows how to keep a puppy quiet through the night the information would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

She has the cutest markings! I heard via Claire via Jim about the new arrival.
I googled pet names and found bowwow.com. They have naming tips- you shouldn't name a dog something similar to a command because the dog can't distinguish the sounds. Scout may sound more like a command than a name to our low language skills friends. I mean - dogs can't even use sign language.
Good luck with the nighttime thing. There are a million suggestions- but usually the only one that works is time; the puppy gets older in a few months.

Louis the conqueror said...

wow, puppies are great. I was hanging out with a pug 3 weeks ago; he was friendly.
1) spaghetti
2) a muzzle

bennok said...

Name it:
iPod mini!!!!!!!!!!


ChicagolandSwede said...

hey i have a dog! name yours minnie and we'll have matching dog names. AND benn likes my minnie. i'm sure he'll like yours too. happy turkey day! a few days late...but...happy advent?

bennok said...

minnie is GREAT~!!!!@

Danny said...

How about Minnie the Poocher?? Any Cab Calloway fans out there??? Huh???

Best name for a dog: Dr. Manfred Ferguson-Halbacher.

Wait, better name: Cutes. Or for fun you could call her Cutes the Boots. or Cutthroat Curly, Swashbuckler/TapDancer/CatJuggler Extraordinaire!

Or Spoon!

How about Mookibar Slayerson? I've been trying to work that one into every conversation for months!

Honestly though, the name I'm really hoping Claire and Emma decide on is Dan Sutter: The Pooch.

Kosmo said...

actually dan, i think the naming is more up to my mom. the girls, as i predicted, don't seem to take care of the dog that much. luckily my mom loves that dog. i guess instead of writing a long comment i should just post something.