Travelin' Man

After nearly two months away from St. Louis I'm making a trip back. This is just a trip though, so I do have to return to Tex-ass. I'm going to be there from October 14 until October 17. The tentative arrival and departure times shows that the time I spend in St. Louis comes out to be almost, exactly three days. Unfortunately for me it won't be very restful I'm thinking. Things to do and people to see. One of the errands I'll be performing is picking up my diploma from St Louis Community College. For some stupid reason they can't just mail it to me. Actually, they might be able to I just didn't look into it and now I won't have to because I can just go and get it myself. Hopefully I don't end up drinking too much while I'm there so I can remember what I did while I was there. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to experience some fall weather while I'm there because I probably won't get any cool air down here until December and it'll last only a few weeks into January.

Other News:
A bill was passed in the House of Representatives today that should bring about some help for myself and millions of Americans that share my situation.


bennok said...

by "don't end up drinking too much" do you mean "beer is delicious?"

Kosmo said...

of course. beer is the water of life.

Abbberz said...

In Italy, wine is the water of life and let me tell you guys, wine will get you drunk and more hung over than beer can even think about getting you drunk or hung over. I don't recommend too much.
Can you guys hug yourselves for me? Thanks

Kosmo said...

i think i hurt my shoulder trying to wrap my arm around myself.
i can't do wine either. fucks me up.

bennok said...

I dunno...what about Mickey's or OE or other malt liquors? ;-)

I don't like wine that much though