Last Debate

So I've officially gotten sick of hearing these two "master debaters" talk about Iraq and who voted on what how many times. I couldn't tell you who won the debate because I was more interested in the lint in my belly button. And I was flipping back and forth to see the Cards Astros game. The Yankees vs. Sox game was disappointing, Pedro was New York's bitch yet again.
What I did get out of the debate was a few things that struck me as sounding odd, which shouldn't by now, coming from Bush. The first thing said was on the topic of the jobs that were lost under his administration. He said that the reason so many people are out of work is because they don't have a proper education. No college degree leads to less work. The only reason Bush ever got a college degree or had a decent job was because of his daddy. He then leapt into his "No Child Left Behind" act stating that he's fixing this problem of unemployment in the future by having the children of today better educated. But that whole thing has problems already. Instead of improving education for children it looks like it is actually putting those kids with higher test grades at a disadvantage because now they have to suffer and lose time for the slower kids to catch up to where they are academically. Instead of moving at a pace that is acceptable for the smarter children they have to move at the pace of the slower ones. It's like running a three-legged race with a fat kid tied to you. Or, if the teacher doesn't feel like hindering the other children they just have to be lenient with the slower kids grades and make it seem like they're getting along at the same pace as the rest.
The second thing involves gays, this won't take long. Bush stated that he respects the rights of homosexuals in America, yet he doesn't believe they should be able to marry. That just seems like a violation of the natural rights that every person in America is born with and the Constitution is based on. This whole issue is based on religious beliefs and that again is a violation of Constitutional rights. I don't think I've ever heard Jews or Muslims raising a big stink over gay marriages, just the white Catholics, Baptists, and Protestants.
In response to what his position is on immigration he has the idea of giving out "temporary worker cards" to Mexicans so they can come to America and work during the week and return to Mexico to spend time with their families on the weekend. First of all, why the hell would you go back to Mexico when you have to pay taxes to the American federal government and your family has to stay in Mexico all week. Why not just bring the family over and do exactly what illegal immigrants have been doing for years? What good is a card going to do to keep track of them? Student visas worked real well. I think I remember hearing that most of the high jackers on 9/11 had expired student visas.
The last one was on health care and why Kerry's proposed health care wouldn't work. Bush said that if the government supplied a supplemental health care plan employers would stop offering it to employees. Which is actually a good point. If that was what Kerry was proposing.
That's it. I can't stand this debate shit any more and I'm glad it's over. Kerry should win, I'm not going to say by how much but if the country is smart enough to realize Bush is bad for us he should win. And since most of the country isn't smart enough to do that I'm planning my move to Canada so I don't have to put up with four more years of Bush's bullshit.

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ChicagolandSwede said...

I totally agree with Bren here. As a Swede who would, if she lived in Sweden, benefit from "government-run health care," I have to say that BUSH AND HIS CRONIES ARE FULL OF SHIT (a lot of it) for insisting that all people should not have health care. That is ridiculous (and quite infuriating). How the hell can he claim to be such a compassionate Christian and ignore the only people that Jesus told us to give a damn about -- the marginalized of society. I.E. the impoverished, the child and, yes, the homosexual. I’m preaching to the choir...I’ve found myself doing that a lot in the past few weeks. Haha. Hopefully my absentee ballot will make MO swing the right way.