Red Leaves and a Cool Breeze

I picked one hell of a weekend to go to St. Louis! The leaves were all the colors that I've been looking for in my plant life at this time of year and the nights were so cold I had to wear my leather jacket. I had no idea how much I actually missed all of that until I had to come back and face Houston's shockingly different climate. The moment I stepped out of the airport Sunday night after I had arrived I thought, "Shit, I'm gonna die standing here in jeans and a T-shirt!" And that was close to midnight! Yesterday I had to repack the jeans, sweater, and jacket for the St. Louis weather and get out the shorts and sandals. I don't like sweating and now I'm really starting to hate Houston. The weekend was great though so I'll just try and remind myself of the crisp autumn air while I sit in my car in traffic with the AC on as my back sticks to my seat from all the sweat.
Got to see all of the family, if only for a little while, got to see most of the old mates, those of course who were in town, and Friday and Saturday nights I went out and drank until I thought if I drank anymore it would be a little bit more than an interesting drive to my uncle's. And to top it all off I finally saw Garden State. Overall it was damn good to see everyone I saw and catch up or just hang out while I had the chance.
Now I've got to catch up on some work for class today that I was too tired to do when I got back and didn't feel like doing until now.

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