Say Hello To The New Guy

For those who read this site regularly, or ever (that's you Ben(n)), then you might notice we have a new "contributor" here at the Krap. I saw he's got a post up and I thought I'd try and introduce him before anyone thought we had been taken over in a... hostile take over. The new guy is Trogdor!, yes the "!" is part of the name apparently, and he should be able to fill in some of the days that I don't have the time to write with posts so it doesn't look like I'm such a lazy ass. Hopefully he can bring some other insights to the world that I otherwise wouldn't give a shit about or notice. Well that's enough of that.
In other news not much has happened around here. We've been getting a lot of rain and it's still in the 80's and humid. I'm sure most of you might be jealous of me because I'm still walking around in shorts and sweating as I walk from the parking lot to my classes. Well I hate it. For the love of Joe, this is October! I'm supposed to be pulling out the hoodie from the closet and watching all the leaves turn from green into reds and yellows. I'm not even sure if the trees down here even change color. This weather is just driving me nuts. I really don't know what else to say. I hate it and it's driving me nuts.
Change of topic. After thinking about if for awhile now, I think I have decided that I should major in art. I look at a bunch of web comics daily and today I saw one comic that showed some of the artist's sketches and I got this feeling to run to my room and start sketching stuff. I didn't know what to sketch, I just wanted to do it. For years when I was younger and thought about doing art and taking classes I had a number of people tell me not to because I wouldn't make a good living out of it. Now that I'm older and a bit wiser I know that it's very possible that I won't make a lot of money doing art, but I also know that most jobs when hiring don't really care what kind of major you have and it's more about the training you've experienced. And as I stand I could get any entry-level job in corporate America easily. I'd hate working there, but it would just be something to pay the bills while I do something I actually like doing. I took some career assessment test last week through the career counseling center at school and I'm going to go over the results next week. I'm already pretty sure that the results will show what I already know about myself, but I took it just to get some guidance on what I should be doing. For some reason I can't get any help from a guidance counselor until I take the career assessment. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling on that soon and figure out what I need to take to finish up my degree.
That's it for now. It's time for me to get going to class.


bennok said...

believe me, I'd trade you. I hate the cold, and I love heat and humidity. It's been fairly warm here though.
you forgot to mention http://garyandreese.com/ but I hear the guy that does it is prettty lazy. Web comics are cool though.
but, yeah, if you wanna start a web comic, just start it. Gotta keep up with it though. ;-)

Kosmo said...

i wasn't saying that i want to do a webcomic. i was just commenting on wanting to get back into art and that the webcomic helped inspire me to do so.
what i forgot to include in the post was that i've been reading a bunch of my old batman comic books (i've been trying to formulate a script and trying to get inspiration from the old books) and foxtrot and calvin & hobbes collections i have. all of those combined brought about this art degree idea. i was getting too side-tracked with just trying to get a degree that i didn't really put much thought into what the degree should be in. so now i'm going for something that i actually want.