First Post For Me

Most of you probably don't know who I am, but Kosmo asked me to write on this site to give a more asshole-ist view on things. I think Kosmo is just pussying out here because he doesn't want to hurt people's feelings or have people looking to kick his ass. I welcome anyone who wishes to kick my ass to try it out and learn what it feels like to get BURNINATED!
For my first post I thought I'd comment on the VP debate that was held on Tuesday. I liked this one much more than the first Presidential debate 'cause this time they actually got to attack each other. I'm sure if Cheney didn't have his heart condition he would have gotten a bit more pissed off and maybe ripped Edwards heart out of his chest and then take a bite out of it while he is still conscience for the brief few moments before he died of fear.
I think Cheney won that thing hands down. If Cheney was running for President and he didn't have all that Halliburton crap going on I might vote for him. Bush is going to lose the election for him. Next time Cheney should get a puppet that doesn't have a history of snorting coke so he doesn't sound like a retard most of the time. The best thing about that first debate was afterwards the Daily Show did a wrap-up on it. It was possibly one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I've been trying to find a way to link to something for you but I can't get it. The best I can do is this, and just click on "Corddry/Helms - Post-Debate Analysis." This is just a small bit from 26 minutes of comedy.
Like many Americans I think the Daily Show is one of the best places to get news, even if it is mostly fake. They do talk about some of the global issues at hand, sure they make fun of it but at least it tells us somewhat of what's going on. After Dan Rather's fuck-up it looks like all the news shows are just reporting fake stories anyway, so why not watch the one show that makes it funny and doesn't take itself so damn seriously.
I'm sure there's a bunch of other shit I could talk about right now, but the night is young and I've got better shit to do.


bennok said...

What day did that air?

Trogdor! said...
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Trogdor! said...


bennok said...

It aired the day BEFORE the debate?

Kosmo said...

no, i thought 9/29 was the date of the debate. it was right after the debate. i guess that would make it 9/30.