Gettin' Political On Your Ass

I hate talking politics. No matter who you talk to the other person will always disagree with you on at least one of your positions. This is probably going to be the only time I ever write about politics on this blog, but if Bush gets reelected you'll be damn sure that I'll be blowing off some steam about the dumb fucks in America.
This election is the first one that I'm actually registered to vote. (Even though it's the second presidential election I was eligible to vote in. How was I supposed to know Bush would win Missouri?) It's the first time that I actually cared about the outcome. Before I just kind of watched and placed bets on the candidates.
I just registered to vote here in Tex-ass on Friday, but I know that my vote won't count for shit in this state full of dumb shit rednecks but I gotta try to help Kerry out. After watching that debate, which I actually did--the whole damn thing, I'm having a hard time believing that Bush could win again. For the most part the thing looked like neither candidate came out the victor, but when it came to the subject of North Korea Bush had the worst answers. His whole "6 Powers" thing was just a load of shit. If anything his dependence on China has made us look even weaker to Kim Jong-Il. (This guy looks like a troll doll.) Now it looks like if China splits from us Kim will have no trouble in beating us in a war. You can't give up diplomatic talks just because the guy seems like a nut. That's the best time to talk to him. Get his guard down, make him think he's got the upper hand and then kill his ass. You don't form a coalition and then sit on your hands and wait for something to happen.
I can't help but think that Kerry was drawing doodles of Bush on that paper he had on the podium. If you looked closely during the debate you could see some of what Bush had written on his paper and it just look liked he wrote Kerry a bunch of times and then X-ed his name out like a junior high school girl does on her bookcovers after she broke up with her boyfriend of one week.
Some of this probably reads like a ramble, and it pretty much is. I hate talking politics because the whole thing just pisses me off so much. It almost makes me want to go into politics so I can fix this mess we call democracy, but the chances of me becoming just like all those other yes-men in Armani are just too great. I'll think I'll just move to another country, like Canada. There's no chance in hell that Canada would ever have to go to war unless American Republicans decided to go to war with it because of the oil there... I mean the terrorists.

On a totally unrelated subject I was spending some time looking for some links and thought about doing a "6 Powers"/Voltron connection but then thought better of it because it would be a disgrace to Voltron. As I was looking at Voltron sites though I came across one that had the theme music playing and it instantly brought me back at least 20 years. I'm fucking old, man.


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