O'Really O'Reilly?

I happened to be looking at some articles, wasting time as usual, when I came across this one about The Daily Show and O'Reilly's hour-long self-proclomations that he is the smartest man in the world (Warning: This link takes you to a place where all individual thought is unallowed and any violators will be shot on sight). Here's the article. I just wanted to share it with anyone that hasn't seen it because it proves my point that while Germans love David Hasselhoff, no one likes Bill O'Reilly.

In other news I finally talked to the Chief. It turns out I was supposed to have signed a waiver stating that I will not hold the UHDPD responsible for any damage done to my car, but I was never given that. I think I have a pretty good chance of getting some money as long as the "Risk Management Department" thinks so. I think "Risk Management Department" is just a fancy word for "Room Full Of Lawyers."

I also got to see an Astros game last night against the Cardinals. Not a very good game, but the stadium is pretty nice. Just trying to get one beer I was carded twice. Both instances were within 10 feet of each other and occured in under 2 minutes, and one of them said I looked 15. So I guess it's time to start growing some facial hair again.

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bennok said...

Definitely threaten to sue if they won't give you some money, 'cause you didn't sign anything saying they could fuck up your car.

That baseball last night was indeed not very good. Hopefully the cardinals will win today, but so far, two up and two strike outs for Clemens. No Pujols, Walker or Womack for the cards, either.