Slacker Am I

So, in the last post I mentioned that there were three things that I was going to accomplish over this past weekend. Get a job, call the UHDPD Chief of Police, and see Garden State. I would have to say that none of those were done. The closest thing I did that remotely counts as attempting to complete one of these tasks is that I filled out an online application to work at Best Buy. I tried calling the Chief on Friday, but for some reason the phones here didn't work all weekend.
I did happen to get more done on Monday. I filled out another application for an odd job that I think I could do. Maybe you've seen cars that are covered with an advertisement for some brand or company. Basically the people that drive those things around get paid to do it and sometimes they get hooked up with a car for nothing. The only thing you have to do is drive around in it and it's a moving billboard. Since I make a 50+ mile commute to school 4 days a week I thought I might try and get in on it (or try riding a bike). I might have to drive around aimlessly on the weekends if they want me to drive some extra miles, but I figure so what? I could write off the money I spend on gas as a business expense on my taxes at the end of the year and even take long road trips that I otherwise would never do because of how gas prices would leave me finacially.
And I also called the Chief Tuesday afternoon, but only got his voice mail. I'm starting to wonder if there IS a Chief at the UHDPD. I think I should start asking around to see if anyone has seen him around.
One good piece of news (I thought it was good): I had a math test today and realized that my math skills have not gone the way of the dodo. I even surprised my math teacher by finishing in 25 minutes. I handed it in and he honestly asked me if I was finished with a look of, "What is this guy up to?" and a little, "So, not everyone in this class is as dumb as a rock." Funny thing is that two people walked in as I was walking out. When it comes to math, I am the One. So cliche, but I couldn't help myself.


Anonymous said...

in my defense, the only reason i posted that "the One" thing was because i found that pic of mouse and it just popped in there. like the stay-puff marshmallow man in ghostbusters.

Danny said...

Defend nothing! That's a great picture of Thomas Anderson. And let me just say I am impressed with your crazy links.

And I forgot completely about Mouse! I love that little sonuvabitch! The trilogy died with him if you ask me.

bennok said...

I still don't know who the fuck mouse is. But i probably don't care either.