Nature Hates Me

Now I can't seem to stop sleeping. Perhaps my body is simply catching up for lost time during my bout with sleeplessness. Or it's the allergens in the air attacking me at a molecular level. Exhausting my entire being with the ongoing battle. Sinus problems have been an issue for me for many, many years. Since high school I have experienced severe migraines from time to time without a form of pain relief to get me through the rough patches. The duration of these migraines haven't been nearly as bad is it has been in the past, but the pain is no less debilitating.

I have been able to solider through a bit better than those early years. There were two or three periods where I stayed primarily in bed with the lights out, shades pulled, and a blanket over my head to diffuse as much light as possible from aggravating my optic nerves. Now, unless the pain is truly immense, I pop a handful of Tylenol and hope for the best. I've been told that those large doses are similar to Vicodin and I'm probably damaging my liver or something, but it's the best weapon I have at my disposal. Those "migraine medications" don't do a damned thing for me.

My youngest sister goes through some bouts of illness not too different from my own, but she's been able to function rather well. She recently went to the doctor after a fainting spell frightened my mother to her core. It took a week to get back any results for some reason. She was told that she's allergic to nearly every tree in existence with the exception of one that grows on a remote island off the coast of Taiwan. I made that last bit up, but she is allergic to numerous trees and pollens. This is probably the source of her problems as well as mine. For some reason, no one bothered to give me an allergy test at any point in my life. The only allergy I've ever been aware of was a reaction to seafood that I had when I was a kid. After eating it I'd vomit five hours later, like clockwork. This bit of information will be an important chapter in my biography later in life. Feel free to skim through it once you inevitably pick up a copy.


Ali said...

My allergies immensely improved by moving to California. Just saying...

Kosmo said...

Duly noted.