I Had a Dream

Earlier I awoke from a very long slumber after being up from 4pm on Friday, sleeping four hours Saturday night, getting another 4 hours Sunday morning, and then passing out around 4am Monday morning. If you do the math, that's 8 hours sleep over about 60 hours. If you follow my Twitter stream, which you can find to the right, I posted a message at the 57 hour mark and a friend sent me a message expressing his concern for my well-being. I replied with a joking Fight Club reference and then made a public one by asking, "Do you know Tyler Durden?" This was very funny to me, but watching someone use sand paper on an egg would have been humorous at that point.

In a previous post I mentioned my trouble sleeping and I haven't really been experiencing any dreams. During my 12 hour recuperative rest, I did though. Toward the end I was having this strange dream where I was at a wedding for a family member. I'm not even sure which family member it was, but it was an occasion for my family to get together. I was asked by numerous different family members what I was going to be doing now that I graduated, but I had no answers. I think this is my subconscious trying to sort things out. Looking for a direction for my life.

What did it come up with? Become a superhero. I had a Batman-like alter-ego and the church where this wedding was taking place just happened to contain the location of my secret hideout. Convenient, ain't it? As I was being asked what I was going to be doing with my life for what felt like the hundredth time, I spied a child drowning in a near-by river. I had to spring into action and save this poor soul. Yeah, it's not a scenario worthy of a super-hero movie that you see anymore, but it's something that a real-life hero may encounter. I ran up to the spire where my costume was concealed. Someone followed me up there, so the cover was blown, but as I was getting changed they kept asking me questions. My family is an inquisitive bunch. One that stuck with me was, "How do you choose your bullet-proof armor?" I responded with, "Whatever stops the bullet." A movie-worthy quip if I've heard one.

This dream was probably the result of an article that I came across discussing the existence of real-life superheroes and the recent emergence of supervillians to combat them. Becoming a superhero is a childhood dream of mine, but that dream also included the ability of flight, another similar superpower, or becoming a billionaire playboy. None of those things look like they're going to be happening though, so I'll just stick to dreaming about it.

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