Warm Milk Ain't Cuttin' It

I've been having an incredibly difficult time sleeping the past few weeks. Even more difficulty than I normally encounter. My mind will just not stop churning ideas and thoughts. Something very disturbing came to my attention and ever since then I've been experiencing this problem. I try doing whatever I can to quiet my imagination, but there is nothing that has given me a restful nights sleep.

The only time I've been able to get a good night's rest for myself is when I simply can no longer stay conscious. I haven't found any other way to achieve sleep. Since I end up staying up 20+ hours, I often fall asleep at the "wrong" times of the day. I haven't slept at night for a few days now, but I've slowly been cycling back to it. Luckily I have no course work left for the semester.

Take right now for instance. It is 4am and although my eyes want to close, the thoughts continue swarming. At about 3am I had gotten into bed and started reading. My eyes began to droop and I was having difficulty following what I had just read. I put my book down, turned off the lights and closed my eyes. Then it began again. My thoughts bombard consciousness until I become frustrated and have to find another activity to quell them.

So, I'm trying to do a little writing. I thought about just pouring as much as I could out into this post, but then I rethought that idea. It would have been pages long, possibly a short novella, and more reveling than I'd prefer for this form of media.

I've been thinking of writing a little short story over the course of a few posts here. Something in the style of Hammet or Chandler. A small crime-noir piece that my imagination would like to ferment for a while. I've got some characters in mind, but no real story yet.

The idea for this came from following Brent Spiner's (For those who aren't geeks, he was Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation.) Twitter for the past few months. He suddenly began telling this story of himself in Hollyweird, CA. He began the story after claiming he had suffered a break down and was in a facility recovering. I don't know much about Brent Spiner's personal, but I tried finding any online evidence of him having suffered a break down or residing in any sort of facility and came up with nothing. Either his account was a fake, or he decided to try this storytelling idea. I have not seen any one else attempt this. Probably due to the 140 character limit per posting. He also spaced the postings out so it appeared as though it were happening in real-time.

At least, I'm hoping it was all a story and not some delusion that he's suffering from. Although he hasn't been given many major roles other than Data, he showed tremendous skill in portraying him. Data is easily my favorite character from the TV series and movies. I hope he gets some bigger roles on TV or film. Since I don't live in Los Angeles, I can't see him if he's in a play or something.

Well, that went nicely off-track there. Still not tired, but if you start seeing parts of a story pop up at least you'll know why.

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