Just Some Quickies

I read somewhere recently that traveling in an environment with less gravity, i.e. any form of flight, actually causes someone to age more rapidly. I don't know the exact science behind it, but scientists discovered the occurrence as they subjected fruit flies, or something, to zero-g environments. Even flying in an airplane causes this to occur due to the changes in air pressure we experience. Somehow I started thinking of the rapid aging we see in one of our presidents. Yes, their job is incredibly stressful and that alone could cause them to age poorly, but they also fly around a LOT. I wonder how President Obama will look after an eight-year tenure. Yeah, that's right. Eight years. I'm calling it here.

As I continue my search for a job I constantly see postings for the same company for the same positions. I happened to talk to someone who was working for one of these companies and quickly found it they were just glorified pyramid schemes. They try to hook you with the promise of increased compensation the longer you're with the company. Which got me to thinking of how it irks me to hear people talking about how much money they make but never what they do. These individuals have little regard for what they do as long as it gets them the beaucoup bucks. It doesn't matter who they exploit or step on along the way to achieve these ends. The most unsettling thing is that this trend seems to grow from one generation to the next and is perpetuated by some of the crap I see on TV glorifying those who are little more than trust-fund babies. They contribute nothing to society or help anyone else unless their publicists talk them into it. Anyone familiar with The Hills or the 1980s?

I'm working on the next chapter in the story I've begun. I'm trying to determine where this is going as well as a nice point to leave it to keep you coming back for more. It's coming though.

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