Catching Up On Some Reading

I've been amassing a large number of online articles that I wanted to read at one point, but felt I didn't have the time, over the past several months. I'm starting to read through a them and thought I'd just share some with you.

Let It Die - I enjoyed this solely for the historical look at our banking system. It's pretty biased, but I think it made a valid point towards the end of getting bankers and investors to stop what they're doing and actually contribute to society.

And He Shall Be Judged - A bit of an expose, I suppose, of Donald Rumsfeld's tenure with the Bush administration. The crap he pulled is pretty mind-boggling and it seems like the article is trying to help in redeeming Bush's legacy (This line in particular made me question the author's motives, "...Bush’s single most important domestic-policy achievement, the No Child Left Behind education initiative...") by placing more blame on his underlings. I think it's a sign of a poor leader to allow people working for you to manipulate the chain-of-command or impede the work of others, so Bush is still a crappy president in my book.

Economics of Star Trek - I've been watching a lot of the Next Generation television series in its syndicated reruns lately. I think this author may have been capitalizing on the hype of the new movie, but it's a question that's crossed my mind many times; If money doesn't exist in Star Trek, why do people work? He answers it fairly well and there are a few other articles linked at the end that have differing views on the subject.

15 Brilliant Business Card Designs - This one is just cool. Some very interesting designs that, if you were given one, wouldn't forget who gave it to you and what they did.

The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist - A loooooooong read. BUT veeeeeery interesting. It seems like something that came from a movie minus the montages of info gathering, practice, and then the heist itself.

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