Feeling Ranty

I slept pretty poorly last night, which I'll contribute to ice cream before bed, and I'm not feeling very prose-y right now. Otherwise you'd be reading Chapter 2.

I was just looking through some Facebook messages when I came across a status update from a teenage relative of mine. She said what she was going to be doing and then ended it with "cellll." I've seen my sisters use "textttt" to finish their status as well many many times and I guess the lack of REM has finally caused it to be bothersome to me. I only see this in teenagers. At least the few teenage relatives I have. I can only assume that they are trying to tell people to get in touch with them in these certain ways, but isn't that implied? No teenager has a land line anymore. Hell, I rarely see my sisters actually talking on their phones. Text messaging has become the preferred method of communication. I do it more often than talking and even my mom has been shooting me messages about weather or traffic if I'm out running errands. So, why do they need to specify how to get in touch with them? If they don't write something like that, are we to assume that they don't want to be bothered?

I just realized I'm droning on like Andy Rooney. "Why do they call them cell phones? Is it because you feel like you're a prisoner on parole? You can't leave your house unless you have your cell phone on you so the parole officer can find you at any time." Okay, so I'm no Andy Rooney. I'm more of a hack observational comic from the early to mid 1990s. Time to get some coffee.

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