"What the Hell Are You Doing With Your Time?"

I imagine this is what you would like to ask me if you check back daily to see if there's a new post here or the next bit of the short story I began a few weeks ago, only to see bupkis. Well, not much really. I'm trying to determine where the story is going, but haven't found a path that I find agreeable yet. I've been looking at job postings on the major job posting sites, but most of them have nothing but get-rich-quick or pyramid schemes. I guess those are both the same thing.

I've been reading a lot online. Mostly via Twitterers that I follow who post links to their blogs or articles about recent events. If you happen to see a link in my Twitter feed to the right, you can click on it. It's interactive so once your arrow pointer turns into a finger pointer (or whatever you may have changed your pointer to), give it a click and see just what I happen to be referring to there.

I've got numerous other activities that I can waste time with, and I do, but nothing worth writing about. Hopefully, inspiration will strike in the next few days and I can get back to that story. I'd been thinking about it so much before writing that first chapter that you'd think the plot would have been laid out before hand. I guess I was putting that off since I hadn't actually written anything. My procrastination skills are impressing me. I put off things that even I enjoy thinking about.

I did happen to realize the need for a way to quickly access the story. So, to the right, just under my Twitter feed, you'll notice a new section of links called "Short Story". Chapter 1 is posted there, and depending on the length of it all, I'll post each new chapter there. I'll add links to the end of each chapter to the subsequent chapter so it's easier for you to get from one to the next. I may just post the first and newest chapters under the "Short Story" section. That's something else I'll have to feel out, but HEY, it's over there!

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