It's a Psychological Test

I want to organize a parade. I'll send out notices to high school marching bands, Shriners, and float makers with a specified starting location, date and time. I'll make up some kind of theme for the parade. Something generic enough to appease most people, but not too much so that it fails to get people to attend. Then I'll leave them to their own devices.

Why? Curiosity. If they're told it's a parade, will they still march or wait for someone to tell them what to do? Would these groups that put time and effort into preparing for this non-existent parade just throw their hands into the air and say, "Oh well"? Without a planned route or end point, would anyone be bold enough to take the lead and start marching? Sure, traffic problems would arise, but wouldn't it be possible that police may actually show up and start blocking off the roads to ensure that this parade that came out of nowhere doesn't have any casualties?

Who would emerge as the sheep, and who would be the herder?

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