$11 Trillion: What Do You Do With a Drunken Banker?

This drunken banker's poison of choice is power, though. The difference between a banker drunk on power and alcohol is that one shouts, "I'm the king of the world," and he means that all his cares have been forgotten thanks to a bottle, and the other one shouts it because he really is the king of the world--Except for Madoff. And he owes it all to a government that let him do whatever the fuck he wanted to.

I've been trying hard to fully grasp the situation with AIG and some of the other banking firms that were "just too important to allow to fail" and I wanted to write a post showing why the economy went down the crapper. I made little notes on various scraps of paper here on my desk, and in my moleskin notebook, as I read more and more tidbits of information about this reason and that cause and the actions of this guy. All I know, though, is as much as any other person who has access to the news. We only know as much as the news sources are able to tell us. They only know as much as the sources are willing to divulge. The sources only know as much as what they were involved in. Leaving a large portion of what happened and why it continues to happen behind closed doors.

I'm still a huge proponent for President Obama, but I feel he's made a detrimental mistake in keeping Henry Paulson and Timothy Geithner on staff. They were both chosen because they had knowledge of the situation which came from being a part of the closed door procedings. They helped perpetuate the downward spiral over the past few years. Congressmen and woman have been laying the ground work for this collapse for years, but they somehow keep getting reelected.

I've been trying to write another sentence. I find myself repeating the thoughts and words of dozens of articles that I've read recently. I'm frustrated. I'm fed up with the greed. I'm tired of the corruption. I'm tired of seeing those with political affiliations ruining the lives of millions and walking away with a slap on the wrist. Bernie Madoff should be an example to all the people that have used other people's money to earn a quick buck. Then every one of them should be thrown in jail and introduced to the guys on Cell Block C.

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