Busy Busy Busy

I've had a strenuous couple of weeks with school. My mind has been fixated on graduation. I'm just a few weeks away and under different circumstances I'd be much more confident, but the way my last mandatory class is structured I'm unsure. I've done well in the class, completed all of the work, but there's one portion that has me worried.

My professor has had us working in teams on a simulated industry during the semester. My team had been performing well with the strategy we'd devised at the outset, but within the last few "years" our company slipped. We started making changes, but the simulation ended before the changes made a substantial impact. Admittedly, we made a few mistakes along the way, but nothing detrimental. In a week we have to present our simulated company to a "boardroom" comprised of the rest of the class. My professor will be questioning us on the decisions we made and strategies we employed. During this meeting it is possible for my professor to fire/fail anyone who he deems "unsuitable" to graduate. This leaves a large gray area and no one can tell where the boundaries lie other than him.

Although the mistakes made can possibly lead me to a firing, my team also took part in a national competition based on the same simulation. We finished in 22nd place out of the 80 teams that completed the entire simulation and only one other team from my school finished higher. It may give us a better standing with my professor in the boardroom meeting since we'd corrected many of the mistakes made during the class sim. The meeting consists primarily of the class simulation, but he's made clear throughout the semester that extra activities will be brought up during that time.

So, needless to say, I've been very preoccupied the past few weeks. Writing has been one of the last things on my mind, except for the numerous papers that were due. Over the past few days I've had an epiphany on a previous project that I'd put on the back-burner for a very long time. Something I've been working on for years, but couldn't find the correct narrative. I think I've solved that problem and hope to work on it after I graduate while I try to find employment.

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