I Loathe Daylight Savings Time

As I sit here watching the sunlight dancing on the floor before me, I ask, "Why?" Why do we use this antiquated, time-altering system? When our society was agriculturally based, I see the reason for it. Now, it seems to be nothing more than tradition.

I didn't even bother going to sleep last night. My sleep schedule is so screwed up as it is, that losing another hour was something that I sure as shit didn't need. I've tried to do this over weekends past where I stayed up all night and as long as I could into the next day in an attempt to fix this sleep problem. It hasn't worked though. I'm hoping that this lost hour will actually come in handy for once.

If you're wondering what I do during these extended nights, I color in my coloring book. I'm being completely serious about that too. Crayola crayons and Prismacolor colored pencils. I'd use markers, but I'd like to color every page and the markers ruin the picture with it's bleeding.

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