I'm No Dr. Doolittle

Today I left the house to run some quick errands. About three minutes into my trip I see something on the hood of my car. I thought it was a leaf, but it didn't float away. Suddenly, it looked at me! I had the Geiko gecko walking around on my hood.

I didn't have far to go on my drive, but the entire time I was intently watching this little lizard and the road. I wanted to make sure he didn't fly off and get hit by a car. Every time I stopped for a light I wanted to look over to the car next to me and point at my hood while shouting, "Look at that little guy!" I thought it would appear a bit psychotic if I was pointing and shouting out someone, especially in a car. That's how road rage starts.

When I got to my destination I took a picture of it with my phone, which I'd share, but it costs too much and I don't feel like shelling out the extra dough for your pleasure. I'm a cheap bastard. I was hoping the lizard would be there when I got back so I could return it to its habitat near my house. He was gone though.

I've had a number of animals, other lizards and frogs, on my car before. These other unfortunate souls happened to pick days to explore my car when I needed to use the highway.

I also ran over a snake once, purely on accident. I tried to just drive over him, but he was much longer than I anticipated. I think a bird ate 'em.

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