"All of the Sudden it's 4 AM..."

I was watching TV and during a commercial for 5-Hour Energy the above phrase was uttered. I'm not familiar with the spokesperson, he does something with NASCAR, but he seemed to have a decent grip on the English language unlike those who watch it. He was dazzling us with his tales of going on a fishing trip. Whilst standing in a check-out counter line getting some gas he spotted this amazing product and picked up a few bottles of this tiny energy drink.

Now here is where the story gets exciting. He utters the phrase in the above title and says how great this product is. What the hell is in this drink? Apparently, this beverage causes you to black out for periods of time and wake up in the middle of a lake. Naked. I'm assuming that part of the story because he blushed and giggled as he was speaking. I think my assumption is not for off. When ever I regale people with tales that involve my waking up in strange places naked, I don't come right out and say it. I beat around the bush as I drop subtle hints.

Before this commercial, I had a desire to try it out. I often find myself needing a little boost and I don't always enjoy the jittery feeling I get with coffee. Sometimes shaking from a caffeinated high is pleasant. That's just me. I've heard it doesn't cause that, but then again that came from the mouth of a trucker. Of course black outs would be a welcome respite from the drudgery of driving across the country. If there are any other strange side effects, these truckers probably wouldn't notice due to all the other pills they pop to keep their eyes bulging from their sockets and their nerves constantly on edge.

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