Over My Dead Body "Daniel"

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Kristen Wiig on SNL. Along with Andy Samberg, she's keeping that show afloat. There's a slight difference between these two comedians though - I'm infatuated with Wiig. The characters she plays are not the most flattering, but her sense of humor is amazing. She has some of the most realistically, annoying characters, people that we've all met in our daily lives, in her portfolio. Others are just... Out there.

My infatuation is not unique, however, and now there appears to be another online persona that is vying for Kristen's attention. There is a writer with the magazine Cracked that has written an entry titled, "Will You Marry Me, Kristen Wiig?" It's pretty straight forward. He makes his case for taking her hand in marriage. He makes a decent argument, but I have many of the same qualities. Not the physique, but I'm good with knots. I do possess one skill that, I believe, may cinch it for me though. I can roller skate backwards. Oh yes! For many it's difficult just to propel themselves forward, but I can throw it into reverse and not cause myself serious bodily harm. Can you do that "Daniel"? I think not.

Here are some clips of Kristen from SNL that I got from Hulu.com. They've got a lot of free clips and full episodes available for free.

Last, but not least, Kristen and Andy together.

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