Who Else Watched History Tonight?

I'd like to think that in 30 years or so, when people talk about this night and ask, "Where were you," I can say proudly, "On the couch." Yeah, it's not that inspiring, but just knowing that I watched the moment live is good enough for me. Will it be one of those speeches that we, as Americans, talk about in history classes like the Gettysburg Address or "I have a dream"? I have no idea, but I hope that it will be the point that we can all look back and see that it was the start toward fixing our jaded government. A change that we desperately need.

As far as the speech itself, I can't analyze it like others because I've never watched an acceptance speech. In fact, I've never taken the time to watch any political speech. I ignored them because I was always expecting the same talk. This time I wanted to see a man make his case to the country. I think he showed great conviction in his words. I believed, like many analysts I've heard since the speech ended, that he was sincere and wants to do what is right for Americans. I just hope he can follow through on his plans. The devil's advocate in me wondered how he plans to finance what he told us he'll do once in office while dropping taxes for the middle classes. He did mention eliminating tax breaks for companies, so that may be the answer.

I've been disillusioned by the political practices of our representatives since the 2000 election. It wasn't so much the outcome as the petty bickering and the actions of those who saw the confusion as their chance to step into the public spotlight. It had nothing to do with what would be better for the country. It was only who won and who lost. With emphasis on the loser. Since Bush took office, my loss of trust in government just continued to grow and with that I also lost pride for the country that I live in. Barak Obama has helped give me hope. It looks like one of the keywords of Obama's campaign is ringing true with me.

I'm starting to believe McCain's accusation that Obama is a celebrity. He's got a huge following and for some reason McCain's camp is trying to make it a bad thing. I can't say for certain, but I would think that if JFK had run for President in this day and age, he'd be called a celebrity as well. If I were going to label Obama, I'd say he was like a small time band that just soared, seemingly overnight (although the path was much longer and harder), to be one of the most popular bands in the world, selling out arenas and topping the charts with his album.

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