Mazel Tov!

After finishing my second summer semester I decided to take a trip up to Chicago to visit family, specifically my cousin who is moving to Philly with her husband. I was unaware when I made my flight reservations that there was a distant relative getting married that weekend. My great cousins got me a last minute invite, I was close to having to crash it. Another thing I was unaware of until I arrived, is that the groom was Jewish.

So, I attended my first Jewish celebration. I got to yell, "Mazel Tov," when he stepped on the glass. I learned the symbolism behind the breaking of the glass. I wore a yarmulke. I learned how to spell yarmulke. The reception was the same as all the other weddings I've been to though. Except the food was kosher.

On a serious note, it was a great wedding and it was great to see my grandparents again, for the third time this summer!

P.S. I really need to work on my writing if I'm going to keep this up. The well is running dry, and this could have easily been much longer.

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