I Wish I Had the Money To Do This

Okay, okay. I know I've done it again. I thought I was going to be pretty consistent with the posts, but then classes started for the summer and I got side-tracked. Actually, I just couldn't remember the things that I had thought of while I was out during the day when I came home to start writing. Not much has changed, but I found this video today in the Daily Links section at MentalFloss. It has some animatronic characters from the old Show-Biz Pizza franchise (although everyone says it's Chuck-E-Cheese because no one remembers Show-Biz). This guy, who is apparently named Chris Thrash, programs the characters to sing pop songs. It works pretty damn well too. I watched much of it intently to see if they slipped up, but it was nearly spot-on. You know, despite the fact that their lips don't actually move and their mouths just flap open and closed.

So here is the video to see for yourself. It's just an embedded YouTube clip, but that's where he posts his stuff I guess.

If you'd like to read more about Chris Thrash, here is a collection of other blogs about the man put together in a neat little package.

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