Back To School, Back To School, To Prove To My Dad I'm Not a Fool...

Anyone remember that from Billy Madison?? I started up class for the summer. Taking one in June and just a few minutes ago I decided to sign up for one in July. Still going to have to push graduation until Spring. I'm attending this class at a satellite location that I had gone to a few years back and hadn't been to since.

They've made some improvements since I was there last. I'm pretty sure they had wireless connectivity for years, but now I can log in with my UHD username and password. Before I had to waste time getting a special username for that specific location, but one of the IT guys told me that the systems had been updated to allow for each school to use their own. I guess I should mention that a few different schools in the UH System use that building.

The other day I had to make a pit stop and entered one of the bathroom stalls. I prefer using the stalls so I don't make other males that stand near me at the urinals feel inferior. I noticed inside the stall that they have added signs in that read, "Please Flush Toilet After Using". I think all public toilets should have these, because I've seen quite a few that looked as though people forgot this function of toilets. The water is not stationary, it requires a process of renewal by means of pulling a lever. I believe that was covered in potty training back in the day, but I could be wrong. I thought it was common knowledge, but as I stated above, I've seen many public toilets that would prove that belief incorrect.

Perhaps that should be a new state required course to be covered in high school.

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