Politics Are Funny

The title refers to "funny" being the "Oh man, that was funny when you repeated me kicked me in the balls and left me sterile" way. It feels like a blinding fire in your crotch while its happening, but then you're able to look back and laugh while plotting your sweet, sweet revenge.

I'm not going to turn this into a political forum. The previous post and this may lead one to believe that, but I'm assuring you that it's not happening. Most of my father's side of the family are pretty opinionated when it comes to certain topics and we discuss those topics at great length. Of course, politics is a major one. Especially during election times. So I've got politics on the brain.

I try my best to sound like I know what I'm talking about during these discussions, but I never research anything I say. I hate research. I find it to be a boring tedious process that can yield, very often, no decent results. To top it off, most of the things I find can be easily refuted due to the source of the information. I was going to write a post about the health care system and how incredibly frustrating and inferior it is to other nations because I had just watched Michael Moore's "Sicko," but all the information I found had numerous other sources showing the error of the data. Specifically any data that was similar to the data that Moore used in his film. There are hundreds of bits and writings about the errors he made in his assumptions. Which is understandable considering the focus of the film. I'm getting off track. I will say, though, that the health care system stopped being a service long ago and has become a business where profits are the driving factor and not a person's well-being.

So, back to research. It sucks. There. I'm done with that.

Now, the reason I started writing this in the first place. Politics. Doesn't the root word look like it would be "polite"? The only time I see politicians being polite is when they're kissing each other's asses or the asses of those who they're trying to get something out of. It's another dirty business in this country. A business that started out as a service. They keep us from anarchy, dogs and cats living together in harmony and all that crap. Now it's how much money can they get for their district, but not necessarily using the money for the district. "Bridge's to Nowhere" spring to mind. I'm tired of seeing the same people returning to Washington after an election. Most of them are older, white men, and they just keep getting older, whiter, and out of touch with the rest of us. They spend time arguing over shit that takes up valuable time... Well, it would be valuable if they all actually showed up to get work done. The removal of a feeding tube is not a topic that should be debated at length. The removal of funding for programs that feed those starving in our streets or allied nations should.

Which brings me to another issue, Georgia. The country, not the state. I saw on the news this morning that Cheney traveled to Georgia (the country) to show our support and $1 billion to show how commit ed we are to a "strategically located nation," as the Houston Chronicle put it. So, if it wasn't located in a good spot, would we give a damn? No. I can back that up with one word: Darfur. And $1 billion is going to help them in a war? America spends about $12 billion A MONTH on the Iraq War, and we're fighting an army that's the equivalent of a garage band. Russia has an entire trained army at their disposal along with tanks, jets, and long-range missiles. Hell, they may even have a few nukes left too. I guess the money can last a little longer as long as the don't agree to any shady deals with Halliburton.

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