Three Months. Awesome

I really have no excuses. I'm just lazy. I could blame it on my uncertain internet connection for the past few months, which I will be writing about here, but I'm really, really lazy. That's the true reason for lack of postings.

So, for the past few months my girlfriend and I have been battling with our cable/internet provide due to a constant loss of service. The issue has been fixed, and we never changed providers, because we really enjoy the service and the way it's all set up. The menu/guide set up for the cable looks great and is pretty easy to navigate, and they provide free wireless connectivity. I could check my email while brushing my teeth in the bathroom if I wanted to!! Not that I've done that...

Anyway, I had to spend a number of mornings waiting for technicians to see if they could fix our problems, which they all thought they did before leaving, but they were terribly mistaken. It turned out to be a loose wire outside our apartment building. It only took two months to figure that out. They replaced our cable box, modem twice, and rewired most of our apartment before finding the culprit.

This is not to gripe about that though. One morning I was sitting around as a technician was doing his thing. It took a while until he was able to get the service back and he, like a few guys before him, stuck around for about half an hour waiting to see it would cut out again. The last thing that we had been watching was apparently the Disney channel, which I know fully believe was created by Satan and will write about soon, and for some reason we kept it there as we sat and waited for something to happen. I'm not sure what. I was hoping for money to shoot from my TV, but that isn't physically possible according to that bastard called "physics" and the smarmy little asshole he hangs out with "reality".

Being that it was early morning, the programming on Disney Channel was aimed at the preschool crowd. That's some quality stuff there. Learning how to share, treat others with respect, and all that shit. Winnie the Pooh was in heavy rotation that day. I saw parts of a computer animated TV series, another that was entirely made of puppets, and then a movie that was focused on Tigger finding his family. The technician and I watched that the whole time we were waiting for the cable to go out. The oddest thing was that neither of us made a move to change the channel or mentioned how strange it was to be watching the children's shows as we parted ways. The great thing about the whole situation was that 15 minutes after he left, I was cable-less again. All that Pooh for shit.

Oh man! I just thought of that pun on the spot. If you thought I wrote this just to add that horrible pun at the end, you are incredibly mistaken. I can't believe you'd think that of me. You don't know me at all.

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