I was driving along today, listening to the radio, when a commercial for a car dealership came on. I tend to tune out these things, but for some reason I chose to pay attention. It was the same over-hyped message that any dealership feels the need to make in order to draw people in to buy a car. "Come in today before the end of the world tomorrow! You can't get into heaven without a Hummer!" Or some other ridiculous crap like that.

Toward the end of the spiel I heard something that I have never heard in any other ad before, or it just never sank in. "To test drive a vehicle, appropriate attire is required." What kind of attire is inappropriate, and what kind of person would be dumb enough to buy a car dressed like that? If you want to get a good deal on a car, you can't just stroll in wearing your pajamas and a robe, or in nothing but a bikini. Unless you're a really hot chick, then I guess the bikini would work if you found the right salesman. First impressions are everything and going into something like buying a car requires a very good one if you don't want to get screwed. I'm continuously amazed at how common sense seems to be less and less important in a person's character and development.

Actually, I shouldn't be that surprised by it. "Caution: Contents are Hot" on coffee cups was probably the apex of unnecessary warnings.

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