Hello Again

It has, once again, been too long my friends. Over six months to be exact. Quite a lot has occurred during that time, much of that kept me from writing or drew my thoughts away from it. I'm currently recuperating from having my tonsils removed and thought I'd start back up with this again. If my writing seems a bit off, you can blame it on the lack of practice I've had or the pain killers I'm taking. Word to the wise: Don't wait until you're an adult to have your tonsils removed. It hurts like fucking crazy and although the prospect of eating a lot of ice cream and Popsicles as a kid may seem fun, it gets old after a few days when you've obtained a mature palate.

Looking back at my last post I can't believe I hadn't written about the passing of my maternal grandmother. She had been fighting cancer for a few years before she shed her mortal coil the day before Thanksgiving. My family and I were going to be traveling north to visit her for one last holiday with her, but she just couldn't hold on any longer. My mother was able to spend time with her though. After my dad told me the night before our flight I had to step outside to get some air. In the backyard a set of wind chimes were being blown in the breeze and it reminded me of "It's a Wonderful Life" and the often repeated, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings." It sent a chill down my spine, a warmth in my heart, and a tear down my cheek all at the same time. The memory of it still haunts me today. My mom lost both of her parents last year, and it's been difficult for all of us. They were both terrific human beings and it is an honor to be a part of the legacy they have created.

Ever since then I've been having some difficult times. I've been sick with one ailment or another since October, it seems. With my constant illnesses and the passing of my grandparents, I became pretty unhappy and depressed. I moved back in with my parents to see if a change in my living situation would help, but I'm still dating the wonderful young woman I've been with (off and on) for almost two years now. Having some time to myself has helped a little, but I've gotten into this cycle of depression for most of my life and I've decided that professional help is needed. So a few weeks ago I started counseling. I've been trying to deal with these issues on my own for years, but I see that whatever I've been doing (which was mostly finding ways to get it off my mind and ignore it) isn't working.

I could go into much greater detail about what I've been up to these last six months, but I can't remember it all. It probably wouldn't be that interesting for you and this was really just to help me get back in the habit of writing here. So, I'll be trying to keep up with this again, but with less serious subject matter. I like to focus the writing here around the humorous thoughts that float around my gray matter. Something that breaks away from the everyday monotony.

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