Bravo's Trying to Attract New Markets

In my pursuit of wasting as much time as possible I've been watching a lot of TV. It's been a life-long project which, I feel, is quite handy when people need someone to answer those pesky trivia questions.

Years ago I stumbled upon a show on Bravo! hosted by James Lipton called, "Inside the Actor's Studio". I was intrigued due to my interest of movies, acting, and TV. You see, back in the early years of the show they had amazing actors on the show and picked their brains over their approach on acting and the characters they portrayed. Some of my personal favorites are Johnny Depp, Benicio del Toro, and, oddly enough, Robin Williams. Depp due to his explanations of how he chooses a number of people to model a character after and then meld them into one. Benicio for talking about playing "Duke the Dog-Faced Boy" in "Big Top Pee-wee". Finally, Robin, for watching him act like a total ass, but just sit there amazed as his mind flows constantly.

Lately, I have noticed that some of the episodes are 2 hours long, as opposed to 1 hour. They replayed a few over the weekend and I just happened to see who was on. Eddie Murphey and Dave Chappel had their shows on just yesterday. Tonight I saw it was Chris Rock. I'm thinking Bravo is stretching a bit to reach the African American/Black (whatever PC term I'm supposed to be using) demographic. They had something going with "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", but the buzz seems to have deflated on them a bit. I can't really think of what else is on the Bravo network, but I'm sure it's very white.

Good luck Bravo. Maybe someday you can finally decide on which market you're trying to reach and stick with it.

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