Don't Know If You've Heard...

DISCLAIMER: I'm sorry for this being like one of those cliche celebrity gossip blogs out there, but I just found this too damn funny not to mention.

I heard someone say a comical quip today that went, "bald is beautiful. just ask Britney." I sat there a moment and then just laughed approvingly. I had put it out of my head until I began procrastinating and found at what that meant. Apparently, Miss Spears went into rehab, I'm betting it was for "exhaustion" or whatever is fashionable in the fucked up world of fame, and then left after one day. She flew back to LA and then proceeded to a salon to have her hair done. Normally, I'd pass that off as normal for those whack-jobs, but it got better.

Turns out she asked someone to cut off her hair. They refused because she was "acting funny". The funny behavior could be attributed to anything. For me, it'd be due to being Britney Spears.
Since no one would do it for her, Brit then grabbed the shaver and went to town on her melon.

From what I've seen, she's gone full trailer trash with what she's got going. It's like a meth addicts mullet. The front is buzzed short like the lab just blew up and burned it off. The back, party as usual.

Here's a look for yourself, and no, this was not doctored.

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