Stupidity in Marketing

I was just sitting here watching television and an info-mercial came on. It was advertising this "saw" that could cut through anything! It had some ridiculous name, not ridiculous enough for me to remember, but just enough to remember that it was ridiculous. As it was going through it's "amazing" qualities, such as cutting through a cinder block, tile, drywall, a ceramic mug, etc. A bunch of random things that only showed the "saw" cut through a small fraction of the object it was claiming to slice through like butter. And of course, it doesn't cut through human flesh!

The blade had no sharp edge to speak of, no serration, only what looked like clumped cement. Of course you could cut a large number of things if you put enough force behind it, but not a brick like they showed. If I tried to cut through a finger, it would hurt a lot with the cement clumps. It would be quite a chore to cut a finger off, but as long as it's not mine I'd be willing to try it.

Where the stupidity comes into play is that one of the objects was a thick metal lock. A MasterLock if I'm not mistaken. It cut right through the link and whoevers fence it was is now
open to the public. Why the hell would they show something like that? It's an open invitation for criminals to purchase this and use it to break into... yards and high school lockers. Again, I have no idea how long it actually takes to cut through the link, but some criminals are persistent and would saw through that lock for as long as it took to get those precious text books, or a bike. How did the manufacturer of the "saw" even find that suitable for their product? Are they just a bunch of criminals too and as they sat in the boardroom, they looked at each other and thought, "Ah yes. That's what I would use it for as well. Lock picking is just so... Hard. I can never get the stupid thing open."

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