It's 2007... Yippie

I know you're all dying to hear about my New Year's Eve and what this new year has brought me. My wait for midnight consisted of me getting in a few hours of employment for the year. Luckily I got it in under the wire. I manned the door at the bar I frequent, overcharging for entry between the hours of 6 and 11. I have no idea how the price for the door was calculated, but I do know that they lost a lot of business from it. A friend of mine works the bar and was screwed out of quite a bit of money in tips due to it. I had to turn away a number of people, who just wanted to come in for a quick drink or a bite to eat as they would normally do on any other night, but I could not allow them entry without paying the outrageous fee I required for them to pass.

At least I made $50 out of it and was able to spend the rest of the night with my lady. We watched some people in Time's Square get drenched in a rain of paper and alcohol. Then we played games with a few people until we passed out from excitement at what the year had in store for us. The next day we did nothing, but had dinner with my family.

I have done nothing since then. Good for me, I'm okay with it.

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