It's An End Of The Year Blowout!

This year I spent my first Christmas away from my family, they all went to Florida and I didn't travel to spend it with those in the extended family. Instead I stayed at home, watched the dog, and had my girlfriend over. It was odd not being surrounded by family like every other year in my life, but I enjoyed it. We then had some friends over Tuesday and cooked a "traditional" Christmas dinner with the turkey, ham, dressing, etc. It was the first time that I prepared and cooked a turkey, and it was alright. I was surprised, to tell the truth. I knew my girlfriend can cook, but I've not tried anything like a formal dinner before. Everyone enjoyed the food and we then spent the rest of the night playing board games. I'm glad I found a group of friends that like playing those.

Speaking of friends, I just thought I'd recap the year I've had and in doing so I need to write a bit about the people I've had the pleasure of meeting. When I moved down to Houston I made the mistake of planning on not meeting anyone and concentrating on school. I was miserable during that time. I didn't go out, the few times I did was to see a band or movie alone, and then I stayed at home the rest of the time. Had it not been for a friend getting me to join MySpace, of all the lame ass things in the world, I would not have had a social life here. I randomly met someone in town on MySpace and through that one contact I've gotten to know some great people. Having lived in one city all of my life I never thought about how the network of friends I had in St. Louis had grown. Starting over in a new city allowed me to witness how that network began and the branches grew. It's such a strange thing to put a lot of thought into, but it's just one of those things in life that I happened to notice and for some reason found it fascinating.

I probably shouldn't spend a lot of time recapping the year when I write about my life here anyway. If anyone is truly interested in knowing about my experiences during the past year, you can just read my entries. There's been so much that I've done this year and so many people that I've met, that if I went through and wrote about all of them... It would take forever to write and you wouldn't want to read it. I'll just say that it's been a great year. I'm extremely happy for having made the random contact early this year because thanks to that I'm in a great relationship with a terrific woman, who is also quite attractive to boot. I did good, as my grandfather told me.

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