Gotta Play Catch Up

Over a month now since the last post. There are numerous things that I should have been posting since the last one, but I just didn't get to it. Damn lazy genes. This may be a long one, so why don't you get comfy, maybe get a nice warm drink if it's cold, make yourself a snack, and then settle down to hear tales of wonder and intrigue... Well, you'll hear tales.

The night of the last post I went to an amazing concert at the Meridian Red Room here in Houston. It was part of the Hotel Cafe Tour and I had heard about it because Cary Brothers was a part of it. The night consisted of about three hours of perpetual music. Cary Brothers did not play the entire three hours, no sir. He was joined by Jim Bianco, Sarah Barellies, Rachael Yamagata, Joshua Radin, Schulyer Fisk, and Jonah Matranga (Who happened to be an old friend of one of my friends who went to the show with me.). All the performs just rotated on and off stage. Someone would be playing a song with the others backing them with instruments or vocals and then another would take center stage and perform something from their own music library. It was all very cool because of the incredibly small lag time in between each song and the variety of music that was played all night.

The highlight of the night, other than getting to meet Cary Brothers, occurred while Rachael was on stage singing one of my friends favorite songs. Two of the guys that came with me were being rather loud, and we were of course next to the stage, and she called them out and told them to shut up. All the "Indie" girls got a big kick out of it, but then I went and pissed them all off. It's no secret that I'm a rather tall guy, and that night I was a full head taller than everyone at the show. After Rachael told off my friends, I started to yell back. Apologizing and also having taken offense at being called a "frat guy" I wanted to make sure she didn't call me that again. Then she called me out for being "cute". The song was then interrupted numerous times by her giggling and me interrupting her. Oddly enough, the entire episode was caught on tape and is on YouTube. If you care to see it and get a better idea of what I tried, poorly, to reenact, you can clicky here.

A few weeks passed and then Thanksgiving and family visits entered the picture. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins all made the long trek to the Lone Star State for the first time. We tried to prepare them for the massive weather change that they'd all experience due to their northern longitudinal locations. No one packed shorts though, which they all immediately regretted. Next time they'll know to be prepared for anything down here. The days the family were in town were quite odd for me. Only because I'm not accustomed to them being in Houston. It was great to see them all and for them all to experience some new things though. I think we may have spent a bit too much of our time trying to figure out how to heat our pool though... Which we never actually succeeded in solving. That didn't stop a brave few in testing the waters though. Luckily Mr. Hypothermia didn't make a visit this year. I hate that guy...

The Wednesday night before the big turkey day I went and saw Imogen Heap in concert. I fully agree with the rest of the group I was with that she was incredibly cute. Her adorable, proper, British accent immediately had us all swooning for her. We even contemplated kidnapping her just so we could have her speak to us with that amazing voice, and maybe even get lucky by having her sing. Her singing voice was also equally impressive. She had a number of effects that she used, but it was mostly her recording herself and then looping it to create a harmonized background. Overall, words can't do her performance justice and the night was a memorable one. I even got to park in a lot for free somehow!

The only other event worth noting since my last post is that I finally sang karaoke after going to "Karaoke Night" at my local watering hole for the past seven months. To my surprise, people actually liked it. I think I'll front a band...

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