The Sad State of American Youth

I'm sure that if you pay attention to the news you have heard about the amazing discovery late last week of two children who were kidnapped, one of those had been taken over four years ago. It's rare to find a child how has been missing for that long and with no visible damage done to their body. I'm sure there is plenty of psychological scarring, but only time will show that.

The rescue of the two teens had been made possible by the help of a friend of the most recent captive. He had spent hours with police giving incredibly accurate statements in regards to a suspicious looking vehicle in the area where his friend had gone missing. Officers were quoted as saying that if it weren't for this young man's help, they would have never found the two missing boys.

The boy was a hero for coming forward when a friend was in need and was recognized for his actions during a ceremony at his school. The officers congratulated him on his work and his classmates cheered and praised him. His only response, "Git 'r done." A popular line from a comedian known as Larry the Cable Guy. This man is the epitome of the stereotypical "red neck" and that's his schtick. He acts, talks, and makes comments about life as a red neck, and for some reason people eat that up.

Never would I have expected a boy who just became a national hero, of sorts, use his fifteen seconds to quote a dumbass who can't even spell "get" correctly. I've seen the comics line written before and it is indeed spelled g-i-t. What are we teaching children here? That proper use of the English language is not needed to get far in life? Is this the kind of role model America wants for it's youth, a guy that can't wear a shirt if it has sleeves?

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