Big Red Balls & Brits

Last Sunday was the first time my team and I had our first dodgeball/kickball/wiffleball game. It was only dodgeball that day so I didn't actually play, but I provided moral support. Which was good because we didn't win a game, but it was a moral victory. Hence the type of support I was providing. Okay, I'll be honest. I'm not sure how it was a moral victory, but calling it that made my me feel like I was able to contribute in my own way.

The team consists of the same group that I, pretty much, do everything with. Mostly drinking. We wanted to do something other than drink for a change, which is why we decided to do the dodgeball thing. However, we weren't all aware that the location with the indoor field we play at has a bar. Kind of defeats the purpose, but it's still fun for all. We had a few pre-game drinks, which may have been a poor choice. The pre-game drinks continued on to post-game drinks at our regular watering hole. After that the team broke up to go their separate ways, to do homework/get ready for work/etc. I on the other hand went on to another location with a friend.

At that new location I happened to befriend a group of Brits, one of which was celebrating a birthday. I think it might have been his 41st, but I had been drinking since about 6pm and it was closer to 10 or 11 by that point. I then went on to another location with the Brits and a few other friends they'd made at the bar that night. Being with all those Englishmen for so many hours I began to talk like them. I told them it wasn't an insult to them in anyway, I just can't help doing it when I hear accents for a long amount of time. Even when I watch a movie or something as simple as a book that may be written in a dialect. I'm not sure if that's common, or I'm just a bit odd. I know I'm odd to begin with, so saying "a bit" odd would be a stretch. Maybe "pretty damn" odd would be more suitable.

After the last bar closed we headed over to their place to just chill and talk in our accents. After long one of them put in a Monty Python movie, I shit you not, "The Life of Brian". We then talked about the group and how great their sense of humor was/is. I then told them that a little earlier in the week I had seen "The Meaning of Life" and that was then the next one we watched. I just found the whole situation quite funny, me being with a group of British guys watching one of the greatest comedy groups of all time, that just happens to be British. Of all the things we could have watched, it was that.

The night ended for me at about 7am, once I saw sunlight shining through the blinds. I wish there was a better ending that I could come up for this night, but I just fell asleep the moment I got home. I will say that those guys were a good bunch of blokes. Oh, and they shaved an eyebrow off of one of the guys for passing out early.

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