Look-A-Likes and Such

I'm not sure how many of you folks have heard about this, but there's a website that claims it can match your facial features to those of celebrities. It's really a draw to get people to join, possibly pay, to research your genealogy or create family pages to "stay in touch" with them. I'm not really sure how you can communicate with them since it's just a place to post photos, make albums, and all that crap. The celebrity comparison option is pretty worthless, if you're a guy at least. They just focus on a few features and depending on how they look in the photo it can change things dramatically. Even the angle of it's taken at effects the outcome. I ran eight comparisons and there were only a few faces that I matched up with any regularity, and even that regularity was irregular. Without looking at the actual data I have before me, I'd say that 40 - 45% of the celebrities I was compared to were women. There were good looking women, so I have that, but they were still lacking a Y chromosome.

Here's an example of a female-heavy result page. I do have to give credit to the people that came up with the layouts, they're pretty pleasing to the eye.

I'll be the first to say that the photo I used is horrible. I think that's more unfortunate for the women I was compared to here.

Here's another photo I used and I'm only posting this because of some of the people that I supposedly share similarities with.

Now to switch gears a little bit. There were about two months were I would go out nearly every night to bars and such. During that time I'd have random people approach me and tell me that I looked like this or that person. One time it happened in a shuttle bus at the airport. But, I digress. I'm going to run through the list that I kept in my poorly running noggin'; Brendan Fraser (which just happened to show on the results from that website), Orlando Bloom (he was really drunk I think), there was some Astro's player (but the name escapes me), Charles Manson (which was rather disturbing to hear), and most commonly Jesus or Hey-Zeus as the Hispanics would say. I bet you're thinking the same thing I have been: Charles Manson AND Jesus? Yeah, it's weird. The long hair and beard were the reasons that people would give to me for saying this or that celebrity. Lesson here is that if you want to blend in and just kind of escape being yourself, grow your hair out and style a fashionable beard. Ladies, good luck with that second part.

Now to switch things up again, but here I go. Now that I've let you all in on how much I look like Jesus, I've got a little story that happened recently. I've lost a bit of weight recently due to me getting strep again and stress/depression/what have you. So I'm looking a bit bony. I was getting out of the shower the other day, dried off and wrapped the towel 'round my waist. I took a look in the mirror and instantly thought I looked like Jesus after lugging that cross up the hill and waiting to be nailed to it. I then blessed my mirrored image and brushed my teeth. I also had another thought that if I were in Ancient Rome and was poor, that's probably how I'd dress. A skinny-assed dude, getting food for gladiators, and wearing half a toga because I could afford no better. The only way to clean myself would be to jump into an aqueduct.

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