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So now that I don't have to fret over that cumbersome 200 post milestone I can get back to the normal routine: writing stupid krap.

About two weeks ago I received two very strange emails. The content wasn't all that odd, but the fact that I got them was. See, my email address is very simple, my full name @ whatever.com. It's not so simple for people that don't know who I am, unless it's spam. It's amazing how that shit can find anyone. Anyway, the two emails were not for me. I replied to the first sender and told her, might as well get that out there, that I had no idea what she was talking about, or ever meeting her.

Now to go over the content. Both emails either directly or indirectly involved the mention of a train. I haven't been on one in years. Both were from women expressing that they were either glad they met me and wanted to get together again, or sorry that things didn't work out. There was a bit of small talk thrown in, which I found strange just because of the situation but I'm sure would have made complete sense if I'd known what the hell was going on. The second message actually used my first name, called me a friendly Irishman (which is kind of true, but only part Irish), but then said the meeting place had been on the York to Norwich line. After seeing that things started to make much more sense.

See, I've Googled myself a few times to see where I'd pop up. Turns out that I've got a rather popular Irish name. Mostly mentioning of priests, or it could just be the one priest who gets a lot of publicity. So, having the popular name it would be easy for someone to have a similar email address as mine and someone just messed up the part after @ and in between the dot com. It's a common mistake for someone who uses an address for the first time. I'm curious how many more times this will happen. It's also kind of humorous to know that there's a smooth Irish dude with the same name as me picking up women on the train.

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