Alright, it's here. The wait is over. The hype can start dying down on what it would be and can now focus on what it is. This is not going to be over anything personal, or how I never thought I would go this far with this whole blog thing. I was thinking about doing that, but then I realized how cliche it would have been. I was waiting for some big moment to happen in my life, or some crazy happening that I had been a part of, but something else came to me first.

Everyday I go to Fark.com and look over some interesting or humorous headlines from stories around the world. It's a good way to get a chuckle or two. It's also a good way to get some quick news without having to actually sift through pages and pages of pointless information that has no effect on me, or anyone for that matter. I'm sure there's a reason for some of the strange stuff out there that passes for news, otherwise it wouldn't deserve to see print. But then again we have 24 hour news channels who spend days debating over drivel because it somehow attracts viewers. Who really wants to hear what some weirdo ordered on a plane as he gets shipped back to the States because he claims he killed a little girl 10 years ago who came from a rich, white family?

Enough ranting on the sorry state of our collective desire for the absurd. Today I came across a link to a short video. You can watch it here if you'd like. (I tried putting the video directly on the page but it threw off the entire layout of my beautiful blog.)

In case you didn't watch it, Bush is trying to pass a bill to redefine the treatment of detainees. Nothing too big there, he and his cronies know they've broken the law and want to try and change it so it can seem like they were retroactively right in their actions. The thing that really has me in a daze is that he's also trying to pardon himself and everyone else involved with a little addendum he has attached to the bill. I just can't believe the balls on this guy, or whoever wrote it up. It's obvious they know that they were wrong and there's no way to avoid the consequences unless they take actions themselves so they can walk away clean. The history book better not fuck up when they write about how incredibly inept, crooked, and deceitful the Bush administration was and how they continuously tried to cover it up at every turn.

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